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Just Third Way Quotes Collection

Comparison Matrix of Capitalism, Socialism and the Just Third Way (CESJ) content/uploads/2013/10/JTW_Comparison_Matrix2013.pdf

Projected Citizen Wealth Accumulations Under Capital Homesteading (CESJ) feature/projected-citizen-wealth-accumulations-under-capital-homesteading/


“Louis Kelso’s Economic Vision for the 21st Century,” Norman G. Kurland kelsos-economic-vision-for-21st-century/

“Say’s Law of Markets” (CESJ)

“Introduction to Social Justice,” William J. Ferree, S.M., Ph.D., published by Paulist Press, 1948; republished by CESJ and Social Justice Review in 1997, with Foreword by Norman G. Kurland and edited by Michael D. Greaney.

“Binary Economics in a Nutshell,” Norman G. Kurland

“The Just Third Way: How We Can Achieve Green Growth, Widespread Prosperity and Global Peace,” Norman Kurland, Dawn Brohawn and Michael Greaney

“A New Look at Prices and Money,” Norman G. Kurland

“The Federal Reserve Discount Window,” Norman G. Kurland, Published by the National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO)

“Dinner at the Madison: Louis Kelso meets Sen. Russell Long,” Norman G. Kurland


Correspondence between Milton Friedman and Norman Kurland, 1971 content/uploads/2014/11/mfriedman-nk71-01261.pdf

“Soul City,” Floyd McKissick and Louis Kelso, 2/12/69

Exchanges between Alan Greenspan, Bennie Thompson, with analysis by Norman Kurland
and Norman Bailey

Testimonial by Carl Madden, US Chamber of Commerce

Statement by UAW President Walter Reuther before Joint Economic Committee of Congress

Garry Davis, “Who Owns the World” (Chapter 16) – CESJ Edited content/uploads/2016/02/GarryDavis-Ch16_WhoOwnstheWorld-CESJed.pdf

Secrets of American Success, Ndabaningi Sithole (extracts on CESJ)

CESJ History of Accomplishments Accomplishments.pdf

Testimonials for CESJ

Norman Kurland: A Brief Biography 2pgResume2015.pdf?dl=0


[VIDEO] “60 Minutes” Interview, Mike Wallace with Louis Kelso and Paul Samuelson (Nobel Laureate in Economics), 1974

[VIDEO] President Ronald Reagan speech on Project Economic Justice, August 3, 1987

[VIDEO] Norman Kurland statement before the Congressional Black Caucus, 1992

[VIDEO] CESJ “Own the Fed” rally at the Federal Reserve, Washington, DC, 2009 (Part 4 of 7), Norman Kurland presentation on Money and Monetary Justice

[VIDEO] CESJ animated explainer video, “People and Things”