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Ownership Unions

An important goal of the Just Third Way is the transformation of Labor Unions into Ownership Unions. This would expand the mission of unions (whose private-sector membership has been steadily shrinking) to reach out to and represent all shareholders, including worker-owners.

An Ownership Union is designed to work collaboratively with management to secure financing of advanced technologies and other new capital investments through Capital Ownership Accounts (CHAs) for all citizens. It is intended to represent a growing constituency of worker- and citizen-owners on governance rights issues as well as to help lower all barriers to accelerated and sustainable rates of green growth in a more democratically accountable corporate and financial sectors.

Ultimately, Ownership Unions will shift the source of worker incomes from inflation-inducing wage and benefit increases, to widespread distribution of growing profit and equity incomes to worker- and citizen-owners. This will enable American companies to become more cost-competitive in global markets and to reduce the outsourcing of jobs to workers willing or forced to take lower wages.

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