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CESJ’s Logo: A Meditation

CESJ's Symbol/Logo without organizational acronym (lines only)Justice, we believe,

is both simple and universal,

perfect yet imperfectly attained,

one like the circle,

like the Wellspring of creation,

and of values universal and absolute.


Like the apex of the triangle,

Justice is the high ground

that transcends conflict; ensouled by Charity

resolves thesis and antithesis,

brings forth synthesis

and ascends to new thesis.


Social Justice,

the right ordering of institutions and laws,

is the soil from which flowers

the good community

uniting to sanctify the dignity of each person

whose earthly sovereignty

the eternal Sovereign has bestowed.


Economic Justice,

in the input and the out-take

and the balancing of both,

affirms each child, woman, man’s

vested right to own the means

to feed the body and free the mind,

to reach beyond one’s self,

to others, to creation, to God.


Like the circle and triangle, still-incomplete,

so too is our knowing, our grasp,

and humanity’s task

to secure Justice for every person.

Forever we are all enjoined:

“Justice, Justice, thou shalt pursue.”


© 1985, 2015 Dawn Kurland Brohawn