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Strategic Plan



Our strategic plan is guided by a 21st century paradigm (world view) of economic personalism we call the Just Third Way.” This inclusive global system of political economy adheres to universal principles of justice, and is based on the inherent dignity and sovereignty of every human being. This system offers a moral alternative to the power-concentrating and dehumanizing wage-and-welfare systems of capitalism and socialism.

The Just Third Way promotes as a fundamental and inalienable human right, access to the means to acquire, possess and enjoy the full rights and powers of private property in productive capital, as well as in one’s own labor. This new paradigm views all social institutions (including the State) as “invisible” tools and structures for enabling every human person to develop his or her fullest potential. As human creations that are part of the common good and subject to the never-ending changes in human society, institutions must be constantly corrected and improved to support the dignity, empowerment and full development of every person within a just social order.

Just as America’s founders recognized the unbreakable connection between property and power, the essence of this new socio-economic paradigm can be summed up: “Own or be owned.” Its historical roots are reflected in Section 1 of the 1776 Virginia Declaration of Rights, which recognized the inherent and inalienable human rights of “…life and liberty, with the means of acquiring and possessing property, and pursuing and obtaining happiness and safety”; and in Article 17 of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights‘ [“(1) Everyone has the right to own property, individually and in association with others. (2) No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his property.”]. 

To reform and restructure today’s global economic system according to Just Third Way principles, we have developed “The Economic Democracy Act” — a national economic agenda of monetary, tax and expanded ownership reforms based on Just Third Way principles. Its just free market, private property-based reforms are designed to lift barriers to universal access to the means for every person to become an owner of income-producing capital.

1.  Strategic Objective:  Pass the Economic Democracy Act, starting in at least one country (ideally the United States). The goals that must be met to achieve this are to:

a.  Gain the support of prime movers, educators, and communicators for the Just Third Way, as well as their commitment to lead the passage of the Economic Democracy Act legislation.

b.   Work as part of the Coalition for Capital Homesteading (CCH) and with the Unite America Party, the Descendants of American Slaves for Economic and Social Justice, prime movers, strategic organizational partners, social entrepreneurs and citizen activists, to build the critical mass of people (2%) committed to the Just Third Way and the Economic Democracy Act.

c.   Through Justice University and its strategic partners, introduce into all levels of academia the Just Third Way, Binary Economics and Economic Democratization (creating equal opportunity and equal citizen access the means to acquire and own productive capital).

d.   Develop working models of capital ownership at the community, national and global levels.

e.   Encourage political candidates at all levels to adopt a unifying platform of sustainable growth linked to universal citizen access to equal capital ownership opportunities, as articulated in the Platform of the Unite America Party.

2.   The Five Types of Power Needed to Change the System

Idea Power + Servant Leadership Power + People Power + “Show it Works” Power + Money Power

3.   The Four Concurrent Communication Tracks to Reach the “Tipping Point”

I—Education    II—Prime Movers    III—Numbers of People    IV—Successful Models

4.   Strategic Planning Process

a.   Determine and prioritize strategic targets, and actions, people & resources needed to reach them.

i.    What people power and resources do we have now to get started?

ii.   What additional people power and resources will we need?

iii.  How will we get the additional people power and resources?

b.   Organize people and resources to carry out agreed-upon actions.

c.   Periodically evaluate, refine and adjust actions until strategic objective is reached.

5.   Priority Action Steps

a.  Open the doors for CESJ spokespeople to present to prime movers (influential leaders) the case for the Just Third Way and the Economic Democracy Act.

b.  Individually and/or through CESJ chapters, through person-to-person or mass communications, recruit other organizations and encourage individuals to join CESJ Chapters, the Coalition for Capital Homesteading, the Unite America Party and the Descendants of American Slaves for Economic and Social Justice.

c.   Work with CESJ and community leaders to develop models of the Economic Democratization to solve local problems.

d.   Help build and sustain CESJ’s strategic, tactical and operational capabilities.