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Kelso Binary Economics Discussion Group

This discussion group or “online seminar” will discuss Louis Kelso’s theory of binary economics, comparing it to alternative economic models of development, or paradigms. Paradigms, or world views acceptable for teaching in academia, largely influence public opinion and the mindsets of leaders who shape the laws, policies and institutions that in turn determine the quality of economic life for every citizen, enterprise, community, region, and nation within the overall global economy.

Critics and advocates of other system theories are welcome to challenge the logic of binary economics and offer more just or efficient models of development — as long as their arguments and alternatives are consistent with the principles of private property, free markets and limited government, and are aimed at promoting maximum efficiency and wealth production, sustainable growth without inflation, and the maximum diffusion of capital ownership and economic power among all members of the human community.

The group has two co-moderators: Dan Parker and Norm Kurland. The co-moderators have established “rules of engagement” for maintaining a lively, focused and mutually respectful environment for learning from one another the pros and cons of binary economics and its relevance to the future of the global economy.

Participants are also encouraged (but not required) to sign the Statement of Shared Vision co-authored by Shann Turnbull and Norm Kurland.

Participants will be expected to read these rules as well as a few other suggested group orientation readings before entering the group, so that discussions will be relevant to the focus topic and conducted in an informed manner.

While vigorous debate on the subject of binary economics will be encouraged, the co-moderators will have the right to remove any postings that in their judgment contain personally insulting, libelous, abusive, obscene, discourteous language, or that deliberately disrupt discussions with repetitive messages or “spam” (after contacting the participant privately to remove the offensive posting and subject to reversal by the co-moderators).

To get started, please read:

“Protocol for Participation in Kelso Binary Economics Discussion Group”

“Binary Economics in a Nutshell”

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1. After reading “Protocol for Participation” and “Binary Economics in a Nutshell,” please add your first and last name where indicated,

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NOTE!! Before joining the Kelso Binary Economics discussion group, please click here to read “Protocol for Participation in Kelso Binary Economics Discussion Group.”