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To address today’s problems and to pursue our purpose and goals, CESJ’s research programs are aimed at:

  • Creating an asset-backed currency for non-inflationary growth linked to broadened citizen ownership opportunities.
  • Broadening access to capital credit through two-tier discounting of local bank credit by central banks, such as the Federal Reserve System.
  • Simplifying the tax system to discourage government deficits and to accelerate private-sector growth through expanded ownership and widespread distribution of profits.
  • Advancing Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) and justice-based management systems to empower workers with the rights, responsibilities, risks and rewards of employee ownership.
  • Developing strategies for privatizing State-owned enterprises into professionally managed, employee-owned corporations which are capable of competing without subsidies or special protections.
  • Offering a unifying third alternative to collectivism and monopolistic capitalism.
  • Developing precise and workable concepts of Social Morality (as distinct from individual morality), including Social Justice, Social Charity, Economic Justice, Distributive Justice, and Participative Justice.