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History & Accomplishments

On April 7, 1984, the Center for Economic and Social Justice was born amidst the clatter of the student cafeteria at American University in Washington, D.C. Pioneers of the ESOP and human rights movement had come together, united in their common commitment to the global vision and economic justice paradigm first advanced in 1958 by ESOP inventor Louis O. Kelso and the “Great Books” philosopher Mortimer Adler, and the concept of social justice as articulated by the scholar Rev. William J. Ferree. The philosophy and purpose of CESJ were soon crystallized in written statements of our founding principles and core values. Since the launching of CESJ, members have gathered every month, starting each meeting with a participatory reading of our core values and code of ethics. CESJ’s principles underpin our record of achievement.

For more information about CESJ’s accomplishments over the years in the following areas:

  • The Presidential Task Force on Project Economic Justice
  • Audience with Pope John Paul II
  • Rome Conference on “Curing World Poverty: The New Role of Property”
  • Global Economic Justice Initiatives
  • Capital Homesteading for Every Person
  • Justice-Based Management: Reshaping the Workplace and the Modern Corporation
  • Citizens Land Banks (for-profit Community Investment Corporations)
  • Economic Justice in Prison Reform
  • Interfaith Alliance with the Muslim Community
  • The Just Third Way

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