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Envision a Future…

… where poverty is a relic of the past.

… where the systemic causes of war and terrorism have been uprooted and replaced by a system that promotes Peace, Prosperity, and Freedom for all citizens of the world through institutions of Justice, as expressed in the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights.”

… where the vast gap in wealth, economic power and opportunity closes between the rich and poor, as access to new capital ownership opportunities opens up to every person and family.

… where the economic power of the State is transferred to all citizens through democratization of ownership.

… where every citizen enjoys equal access to private property rights in productive capital, and to full participation in a more just, open and free market economy.

… where all owners are secure in their property rights.

… where political democracy is built upon a foundation of economic democracy, and personal, family and community life strengthens as more people gain greater economic independence.

… where every child, woman and man — as a master of technology — possesses the economic means to be liberated from want and toil, to develop his or her fullest human potential, and to participate fully in shaping civilization and the common good of society.

… and where every human being can live in greater harmony with nature, acting as a good steward of creation and its resources — educated and free to pursue the highest spiritual values.

CESJ has a plan to get there.