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Ways You Can Advance the Cause

Explore the Website.

The best way to introduce yourself to the “Just Third Way” and Capital Homesteading is first to check out the basic writings and audio-visual material on Judge for yourself whether CESJ’s principles of economic and social justice and “win-win” approach to universalizing worker and citizen access to capital ownership make sense. Ask yourself if this new paradigm might offer more positive and unifying solutions to seemingly unsolvable economic problems than those under the various permutations of monopolistic capitalism and redistributive socialism.

Call and meet with us.

CESJ representatives are happy to answer your questions, guide you in your initiatives, and put you in touch with others working with us.

Sign and Send Out the Shared Vision Statement.

Show your solidarity with thousands of people from around the world. Circulate the Shared Vision Statement and get others to sign up. It’s a simple and powerful step you can take right now to support access to capital ownership as a basic human right.

Join CESJ.

By identifying with CESJ as a member, you strengthen CESJ as an organization and inspire others to join. Basic membership dues cover the cost of sending you our introductory literature and special announcements. Sustaining membership dues enable us to expand our global network, publish new writings on economic and social justice, and carry on our research and educational programs. As a member you can participate in our monthly meetings, start a CESJ chapter, and get a 20% discount on CESJ’s publications.

Join the Coalition for Capital Homesteading and spread the Declaration of Monetary Justice.

CESJ and a number of co-founding organizations have launched this initiative to elevate in public awareness a national economic agenda called Capital Homesteading for every citizen. We are working to insert Capital Homesteading into political debate about a new policy direction, and to work organizationally toward enactment of the Capital Homestead Act in one or more countries by 2018. We invite everyone to sign the Coalition’s “Declaration of Monetary Justice,” which calls for the Federal Reserve, and central banks like it, to return to its original monetary powers under the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 (Section 13, para. 2). Rather than helping the government to get deeper in debt, or enriching the top 1%, the Fed’s money creation powers could grow the economy in a sustainable, free market way, while providing the means for every citizen to gain significant capital ownership over their lifetimes.

Disseminate CESJ’s literature.

Let others know about CESJ’s web site. Send links to CESJ’s literature to others who might be interested in our ideas and work. Share CESJ’s material on Facebook and Twitter. Buy CESJ’s books and post reviews on

Volunteer in person or online.

CESJ has no paid staff — all our work is done by dedicated volunteers. Whether you can contribute a few hours or a substantial amount of your time, we need your talents, energies and creativity in our regular operations and special projects. To let us know about your skills, special interests and what sorts of volunteer activities you would be interested in, fill out the CESJ Volunteer Application (.pdf format using Adobe Acrobat Reader) and send it back to us. We’ll be happy to talk with you to match your interests to our organizational needs.

Start a CESJ study group.

Meet as a CESJ study group in your school, organization, or community. Visit the “Welcome Center” on CESJ’s website to get started. Read and discuss the large collection of writings on the Just Third Way, binary economics and Capital Homesteading available on CESJ’s online library. Invite CESJ scholars to speak before your group, answer questions, and offer seminars and workshops.

Organize a CESJ chapter.

If you want to move beyond a CESJ study group and start applying these ideas in your local area, consider forming a CESJ chapter. To begin, gather a core group of at least three members. Commit yourselves to meeting regularly to study and promote CESJ’s ideas, bringing in more members, and working together to solve local problems through social justice action in your community or region. CESJ will provide guidance in organizing your chapter, certification materials to help your chapter to get launched, and ideas for chapter projects.

Champion a CESJ project.

CESJ will provide guidance, scholarly review and access to people and information to assist you in your efforts.

Keep educating yourself.

After reading CESJ’s basic literature, delve deeper into CESJ’s selected bibliography on expanded capital ownership and the Just Third Way paradigm. Study. Critique. Ask questions. Write and refine. The sooner a “critical mass” of people understands and can clearly articulate the principles of the Just Third Way, the theory of binary economics, and the applications of Capital Homesteading for every person, the sooner the world will perceive a new path toward peace with justice for every person.