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What is “justice”? How can we build a “more just” world?

Clearly, before we can “have,”  “do,” or “build” justice, we have to know what we mean by the word itself. Similarly, if we want to work with others for “economic justice” and  “social justice,” we must first define our terms, so that we know that we’re all heading in the same direction, toward the same objective.

Here’s how CESJ defines “justice,” “social justice” and “economic justice”:

Defining Economic Justice and Social Justice

CESJ’s glossary defines key words and terms that are essential for understanding the principles and concepts of the Just Third Way and binary economics, as well as basic system changes under Capital Homesteading, aimed at economically empowering all members of society in the age of the robot:

Just Third Way Glossary

Principles and theories, however, are meaningless if they cannot be put into action to bring about equal opportunity, positive change and just results for every person. It is through “acts” of Social Justice, guided by sound principles of justice, that we organize with others to correct defective institutions that determine the quality of our social lives. The following diagram describes this process:

The Art of Change and the Act of Social Justice