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What Makes CESJ Different

People are hungering for property, for a secure, permanent and independent link with spaceship earth that ownership represents and which only ownership can protect or defend.

— Louis O. Kelso

CESJ is proud to be part of the international employee stock ownership community. Among our members are pioneers of the employee stock ownership plan, having been instrumental in developing and promoting the first ESOP laws long before there was an “ESOP movement.” CESJ’s founders were close associates and students of ESOP inventor Louis Kelso, working to introduce his ideas on Capitol Hill, in the business community, the labor movement, academia, and the media.

However, CESJ goes beyond promoting “employee ownership” in several ways:

  1. Unlike other employee ownership advocacy groups, CESJ promotes a particular philosophy of political economy. We base our concepts and practical applications on Louis Kelso’s binary theory of economics and on the Kelso-Adler theory of economic justice.
  2. CESJ emphasizes the importance of restructuring basic economic institutions — such as the Federal Reserve System and other central banks around the world, as well as the overall tax system — so that they promote the goal of widespread economic empowerment.
  3. CESJ has developed programs to universalize individual access to ownership using specific mechanisms tailored to different groups beyond corporate employees — such as residents in a development area, customers of a large utility company, and all individuals in a society.