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What We Do

CESJ studies, teaches, promotes and applies the Just Third Way. Starting with the principles of economic and social justice, and the logic of binary economics, we can develop practical solutions to systemic problems at the enterprise, community, national and global level, empowering directly every man, woman and child with the means of acquiring productive capital as an independent source of income.

Building upon the ideals of the American Revolution — which was really a “New World” revolution to spread political democracy globally — CESJ works to change our basic social institutions to extend economic opportunity and power to every human being.

Going beyond the mere rhetoric of empowerment, CESJ has developed a common-sense, comprehensive plan — the Capital Homestead Act — to liberate every person economically. To build equity with efficiency at the workplace, CESJ has developed a management system for corporations of the 21st Century known as “Justice-Based Management.”

Our Programs

To address today’s problems and to pursue our purpose and goals, CESJ delivers educational, research and social action programs aimed at:

  1. Creating an asset-backed currency for non-inflationary growth linked to broadened ownership opportunities.
  2. Broadening citizen access to capital credit through two-tiered discounting of local bank credit by central banks such as the Federal Reserve System, and the creation of tax-sheltered Capital Homestead Accounts for every citizen.
  3. Simplifying the tax system to discourage government deficits, pay down the debt and to accelerate private-sector growth through expanded ownership and widespread distribution of profits.
  4. Rebuilding and strengthening local communities by connecting every citizen and family as owners of land and natural resource development through mechanisms like Citizens Land Banks; and reversing the foreclosure trend through rent-to-own vehicles such as Homeowners Equity Corporations.
  5. Advancing Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) and justice-based leadership, governance and management systems to empower workers with the rights, responsibilities, risks and rewards of employee ownership.
  6. Developing strategies for privatizing State-owned enterprises into professionally managed, employee-owned corporations which are capable of competing without subsidies or special protections.
  7. Offering a unifying third alternative to socialism and monopolistic capitalism.
  8. Developing precise and workable concepts of Social Morality (as distinct from individual morality), including Social Justice, Social Charity, Economic Justice, Distributive Justice, Participative Justice and Harmonic Justice.
  9. Nurturing in educators a devotion to Economic and Social Justice, as an ethical framework for guiding students into work for the common good.
  10. Challenging new generations of youth to pursue justice and freedom within business careers and other professions.

How we are organizing to “change the system”

• CESJ’s 5-year Strategic Plan to enact the Capital Homestead Act for growing a sustainable and just economy, and universalizing citizen access to capital ownership (click here>>)

• CESJ’s Four-Pronged Communications Strategy for winning the “war of ideas” and guiding the world to the Just Third Way (click here>>)