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What would Capital Homesteading mean to you and every other citizen in terms of lifetime wealth accumulations and capital ownership incomes? The projections below, which are explained in the following notes, show how a child born today would receive every year an allotment of self-repaying capital credit equal to that of every other citizen.

Through a transparent, multi-vetted, insured financial system, Capital Homesteading would unite the interests of corporations seeking to grow, citizens seeking to invest in those companies, local commercial and cooperative banks, capital credit insurance companies, and the twelve regional Federal Reserve Banks.

For example, a child (through parents, a guardian or trustee) could use his or her insured capital credit to invest in newly issued shares of corporations needing to purchase new capital assets. That child’s shares will be paid for with the full stream of “pre-tax” corporate dividends generated by the new assets themselves.

By the time that child reached the age of 65, he or she will have accumulated $660,000 of capital assets generating $88,690 of dividends in that year.  In addition, over those 65 years that person will have received a total of $2,667,015 in dividends. That person would continue receiving for the rest of his or her life an annual capital credit allotment for purchasing new or transferred capital assets.

Just think of what such an opportunity would do for that person’s lifetime economic independence and empowerment, as well as for growing a sustainable, green economy and building a more democratic and just political system.


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