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Preparing for a CESJ Internship/Fellowship Telephone Interview

CESJ has designed its internship to promote rigorous analysis and critique of the “The Just Third Way” paradigm of socio-economic development, its underlying principles of economic and social justice, its theory of “binary economics” and its real-world applications of “Capital Homesteading.” The intern is also expected to develop a proposal and timeline for his or her internship project, and carry out that project over the course of the internship.

Prior to being accepted, applicants go through an intensive selection process that begins with a series of “two-way” interviews. These interviews allow CESJ and the applicant to determine if there is a good match, and what would be the most appropriate focus of the internship. This process typically takes place over two weeks and is conducted over the telephone. Following the pre-internship interviews, CESJ determines whether to accept the applicant as an intern.

We highly recommend that prior to a telephone interview, applicants visit the CESJ website ( and explore the writings on it. (A good place to start is the “Welcome Center.”) Pre-interview preparation will help you decide whether you are truly interested in (and, we hope, excited about) CESJ’s philosophy, mission, objectives and activities.

Here are some links to a few brief pieces on our website ( that you may find useful in deciding if you want to do an internship with CESJ:

1) Web page on our internship/fellowship program (with link to the application on the left column) —

2) Matrix comparing Capitalism, Socialism and the “Just Third Way” —

3) Basics of the philosophy of political economy we call the “Just Third Way” —

4) Our “brochure” on “The Capital Homestead Act,” a national agenda for financing sustainable economic growth and universal citizen access to capital ownership, which applies the principles of “the Just Third Way” —

For a full listing of articles on our website, go to the Articles Index —

Finally, you might enjoy seeing the video produced by our CESJ Fellow Astrid Uytterhaegen ( as well as a speech by our intern Leda Kennedy (from American U) given before the Federal Reserve (

Part of our basis for selecting interns is the quality of questions they raise during our interviews, based on the ideas and writings they encounter on our web site. We’re looking for interns who display great intellectual curiosity, as well as a desire to put good ideas into action. This internship places special emphasis on outreaching to other students and faculty, which includes opening opportunities for CESJ scholars and activists to present our ideas, as well as forming university CESJ chapters.

Please also note that this is an unpaid internship. CESJ will reimburse for local public transportation and we also provide lunch for our interns. Interns are responsible for making arrangements for their lodging, other meals, etc. during the CESJ internship.

It is also the responsibility of the intern to provide us full information regarding academic credits and any requirements of their university or sponsoring organization, including evaluations and reports.

For further information, please contact Dawn K. Brohawn, CESJ Director of Communications and Coordinator, Internship and Fellowship Program, Tel: 703-243-5155, Eml: