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For a second let’s all jump into our Time Machine and set the dial to 1900.

Congress passes a New Capital Homestead Act authorizing access to capital credit through the private banking system for every US Citizen. 
Here we are, 114 years later.
What does our Nation look like these 4 generations later?
There is no welfare. No housing subsidies or food stamps.
People live in private homes. 
There are no slums.
There is no medical insurance costing $1,000 a month or more per family.
There is no Social Security tax costing $7,000 a year or more ( times 2 ! ) or for 
a husband and wife working hard, exceeding $15K a year between them! 
Workers Compensation Premiums are competitive and affordable. 
There is less violence because there is are many fewer ” symptoms ” of poverty.
There is no generational poverty or generational welfare.
Taxes are virtually non-existent, so minor as to be insignificant. 
People are saving at least 5% of their income and probably 20% or more.
American technology is the envy of the world. 
Our engineering and manufacturing is the envy of the world.
Our infrastructure is modern and efficient and maintained to ” like new ” condition
Higher education is widespread and affordable.
We have a 4-day work week. 
Over 100 million Americans own the companies they work for.
Regular turnover in Congress and there is very little new legislation required. 
Regular turnover in state governments with very little corruption.
There are very few civil disputes, disputes between states and very little litigation.
We have a society based on cooperation not confrontation or exploitation. 
Almost every American is involved in the arts and sciences. 
Almost every American has charitable, social and political interests. 
Americans are interested, involved and enthusiastic about our national heritage, our political heritage and our commitment to human rights worldwide.
There is much less poverty in the world and nobody is starving. 
There is much less war in the world.
We do not have pollution, pestilence, or blight because Americans have a sense of pride and “belonging” to something very good and very important and worth taking care of.
Now – let’s go BACK …. to The Future! 
We have completely renewable energy which is very low cost.
Space Travel is common. The moon has colonies on it. 
We have cities on the ocean.
World wide travel is common. 
We have wide tracts of unspoiled land, inhabited only by wild animals.
People own the banks and we earn dividends..
People own the utilities and we earn dividends.
People own shopping centers and we earn dividends.
People own the roads and bridges and we earn dividends.
People own the housing communities we live in. 
Homes are affordable and mortgages are small. 
There is no blight.
There is no pestilence.
There is no starvation.
There is no war, we have learned it is so destructive it is not worth it. 
There is no corruption. 
There is no theft.
There are many wealthy people but very few poor people.
There is little envy, little crime and almost no murder. 
People can stop working at age 50 because of generational wealth.
There is almost no degenerative disease because there is so little stress.
People are happy, aware, informed and involved. 
We have Peace on Earth because we have Goodwill Toward All Men & Women.
This is what will happen when We OWN instead of Being Owned, 
This is inevitable. This is the future.