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The date of CESJ’S next monthly meeting/teleconference has been changed to Monday, May 22, 2017, 6-8:00 PM EST.
As we discussed at last month’s Annual Membership Meeting, we will seek your thoughts on key prime movers to approach, particularly given the current political climate, in order to reach our strategic objective (passage of the Capital Homestead Act to create equal capital ownership opportunities for every citizen).
We’ll also ask each person to commit to at least one strategic action to get to their “favorite prime mover” and open the door for CESJ to present our Just Third Way solutions.
In addition, we have some interesting developments to report, and we invite you to share any of your activities in advancing the Just Third Way and Capital Homesteading for every citizen.
To join us in this teleconference and receive the meeting materials, please contact Dawn Brohawn at