The Just Third Way Podcast

The Goal of The Just Third Way Podcast is to provide a flexible way to learn about our concepts at your own pace. Reading is still very important today, but we understand that many state that they simply do not have the time. This podcast offers a solution for one to be able to listen, learn, and ask questions on the go. All questions may be submitted to for a possible feature in a future episode.

Desktop/Laptop Instructions

The easiest way to listen to our podcast on a desktop/laptop is to click the orange play button above. To find us through iTunes, the link above allows you to add tracks to your library by clicking ‘get.’ After clicking get, head to your iTunes library and the track should be there. Some Podcasts are in m4a format due to artwork, which is why clicking on the number in iTunes to preview/play a track may result in an infinite loop. Podcasts are more complicated on desktop because the Podcast App only works on IOS devices such as iPhones or tablets.

Mobile Device Instructions

For the best experience, search ‘The Just Third Way Podcast’ through your ¬†Podcast App or Soundcloud on your mobile device. All content is readily available for on the go listening. I often use this method as a way to listen and learn on my commute to work.


Feel free to send any inquiries to and we will be more than happy to help out. If there is a question that you would like asked on a future show, this gives us a chance to apply future podcasts to our listeners, which is often the best way to learn. A special thanks to all who follow, like, or share any of our pages or posts on social media.