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Surfacing Leaders With a New Vision

  Editorial of the Center for Economic and Social Justice (Published July 22, 2016)   Recently a member of the Center for Economic and Social Justice (CESJ) took the initiative to reach out and open the minds of the leaders of the Libertarian Party.  The objective was to expose...

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The Root of the Problem — and the Solution. (Norman G. Kurland)

All of today’s economic gurus and policymakers understand the need for faster rates of sustainable growth.  Yet all of their strategies presume that we need either the rich or the government to finance growth. They’re wrong.  The 99% do not need the money of either the rich or the...

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The Time Machine – Jim Aulenti

For a second let’s all jump into our Time Machine and set the dial to 1900. Congress passes a New Capital Homestead Act authorizing access to capital credit through the private banking system for every US Citizen.    Here we are, 114 years later.   What does our Nation...

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