Getting to Know the Just Third Way

To help you start delving into the justice-based philosophy and economics of ownership we call “the Just Third Way,” we suggest that you start with some basic writings in our virtual library at

Some Links to Get Started

Here are some “Basics on the Just Third Way” you might like to visit first, which you can find on the CESJ home page:

On the socio-economic paradigm (a way of looking at the world) we call “The Just Third Way”:

“The Just Third Way in Four Easy Pieces”

“A Quick Comparison of Capitalism, Socialism and The Just Third Way”

“Defining Economic and Social Justice”

“Graphic Overview of the Just Third Way”

On the justice-based, free market-oriented economic theory known as “binary economics”:

“Binary Economics in a Nutshell”

On our “every citizen an owner” national economic reform agenda known as “Capital Homesteading”:

“The Capital Homestead Act: A Plan for Getting Ownership, Income and Power to Every Citizen”

Links to Some In-Depth Writings

The writings mentioned above are just to help you dip your toe in the water. If you’re ready to jump in and explore the deeper regions, here are links to more detailed writings:

“Glossary on the Just Third Way”

“Introduction to Social Justice”

“The Just Third Way: How We Can Create Green Growth, Widespread Prosperity and Global Peace”

“A New Look at Prices and Money: The Kelsonian Binary Model for Achieving Rapid Growth Without Inflation”

Capital Homesteading for Every Citizen: A Just Free Market Solution for Saving Social Security (ebook)

Also on the home page, you’ll see links to CESJ’s “Strategic Solutions,” addressing some of today’s most pressing problems, including the home foreclosure and credit crisis, universal health coverage, and financing green technologies and local citizen ownership of land, natural resource and infrastructure development.

CESJ’S YouTube Channel and Blog

Make sure to visit our JustThirdWay channel on featuring a number of video presentations by CESJ spokespersons and scholars. We also have a “Just Third Way” daily blog with CESJ’s commentary on current issues and history of the Just Third Way and Capital Homesteading. We encourage you to post your comments and submit articles as a guest blogger.

Strategic Demonstration Projects

CESJ is a different kind of “think tank” — we work to put our ideas into action. One of CESJ’s objectives as a “social action catalyst” is to promote a national policy of “Capital Homesteading for every citizen”). Toward this objective, CESJ has joined with others as an organizational member of the Coalition for Capital Homesteading which we encourage you to join as well.

One application of Capital Homesteading — CESJ’s community-based citizen ownership vehicle called “The Citizens Land Bank” (CLB) [also known as the for-profit “Citizens Land Cooperative” (CLC) or “Community Investment Corporation” (CIC)] — has been introduced in concept within some of the poorest communities in the U.S., including Hartford, Connecticut, East St. Louis, Illinois, and Harris Neck, Georgia.

Providing a professionally managed land planning and development corporation through which every man, woman and child would become an owner of the land and natural resources in their community, the CLB offers a platform for developing advanced sustainable energy technologies as the first stage in a long-term vision of community rebirth.

A Citizens Land Bank proposed for the Metro East Illinois region is described in a letter sent by East St. Louis Mayor Alvin Parks and 10 other mayors to then-Senator Barack Obama:

Contact Us and Spread the Word!

CESJ welcomes your questions, suggestions and participation. Our ability to refine, communicate and implement our ideas of economic and social justice depends on the initiatives of our members and our network of friends, scholars and activists throughout the world. If you like what you see in our writings, please pass along the web links to others and invite them to contact CESJ. Turn to us as a resource. Open doors for CESJ with the media and with prime movers who you think could bring our message to the world and implement our justice-based reforms. Write letters to the editor and publish your own thoughts on CESJ and our work.